Lease Types

Fair Market Value Lease (FMV)

A Fair Market Value Lease through QuickFundFinancial offers you 3 choices once your original lease agreement ends:

  1. Buy the equipment at its fair market value.
  2. Lease the equipment again
  3. Return the equipment

Note that FMV lease payments are 100% tax deductible as an operating expense, since the equipment is technically “rented” and not purchased.

Generally, a FMV lease offers the lowest monthly payments.

Dollar Buyout Lease

A Dollar Buyout Lease enables you to purchase the leased equipment for $1 at the end of the lease agreement. Thus, making it a strong option if you intend on retaining the equipment after the lease agreement ends. Dollar Buyout Leases are only available in certain states and industries, contact for more information.


A Sale-Leaseback is a creative concept that involves the following process:

  1. You sell your equipment to QFF
  2. We lease that equipment back to you over a set-period of time

This type of transaction provides you with immediate cash, while enabling you to still use the equipment. Most companies use the cash they get from the Sale-Leaseback to expand their business and revenues.

New Business Program



With a Lease-to-Own agreement, the lessee is granted ownership of the equipment following the receipt of all scheduled payments. Payments are higher than an FMV lease – but the equipment is yours once all payments have been made.