Vendor Programs

Expands Customer Pool, Builds Repeat Business

How? Paying upfront is not feasible for all customers, but with leasing through QFF it is longer the only option. Leasing allows customers  to pay on a monthly basis, a win for the vendor (who otherwise would not get the sale) and win for the customer (who otherwise would not get the product)! There’s a reason that 8 out of 10 companies lease some or all of their equipment. Or 85% of all business lease all or some their equipment, 89% of those companies will lease again in the future. (cite)

Advertising Benefits – “Payments, not Price”

How? Vendor can now advertise manageable monthly payments and the compelling advantages of leasing (view them here) to prospective customers. Remember in the eyes of many customers - $69 a month, looks far more attractive than $4500 up-front. Providing leasing options can remove the last hurdle customers have – how to pay for it.

Your customers need it now more than ever!

Why? Banks are closing at an unprecedented rate and those that remain open are turning down more and more customers. QFF has the ability to fund all sorts of credits, even the challenging ones. Small Businesses relies on leasing, don't miss out.

Improves Sales Efficiency, Increase/Protect Profit Margins

How: Reduce wasteful price negotiations and discount requests with customers, if they can’t pay the full up-front cost then sell them manageable monthly payments. Offering leasing can overcome the number one customer’s objection (PRICE) and be the difference between winning and losing a deal.

Reduces Paperwork, Saves Time

How: An entire transaction can be completed in 10 minutes, using a single, modern web interface.

It Can’t Hurt/Plan B

Why: There are no risks and no fees to offering leasing through QFF, if a customer can’t afford the up-front cost, why not ask if leasing is a better alternative? If a prospective customer is hesitant to the idea of paying a high-up front cost and is ready to walk away, why not take advantage of opportunity to say: “Would leasing work for you?” In many cases it will.

Eliminate Credit Card Company Fees

How: With leasing, the customer is less likely to pay with a credit card.

Beat the competition

How?  Complete our quick and easy No Risk Vendor Approval Application Now – average completion time…